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Welcome to "Clean Talk: The State of Infection Control," brought to you by Seal Shield.

This podcast is an interview-style podcast that serves as a space for like-minded scientists, CMIOS, nurses, and healthcare workers to come together to discuss, collaborate and advance the industry of infection control and prevention. Our platform features industry leaders and trailblazing professionals to share the latest in infection control practices, healthcare technologies, what changes healthcare systems are seeing, conflicts, and resolutions.

Seal Shield is a world leader in infection prevention technologies. Their goal is to provide products that help mitigate the risk of cross-contamination within healthcare, hospitality, and all public and communal environments. Seal Shield began Clean Talk Podcast in 2021 after noticing a lack of resources and outlets where the healthcare and IP community could share knowledge and help other organizations transform struggles into successes.

Stay up to date on the world of infection control with your host Bradley Whitchurch, the CEO and Founder Seal Shield on the Clean Talk Show.

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