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BAPIC EP2 CleanTalk

BAPIC EP 2 Clip 1: How did you get into Infection Prevention? w/ Misha Blake

Aileen Apr 05

On this week’s Episode of Clean Talk Podcast Live from the 2023 BAPIC tradeshow in Tampa, Florida, Misha Blake, Infection Control Practitioner at St. Joseph’s Hospital BayCare, joins us to discuss the current state of Infection Prevention.

Tune in to gain insight on a range of topics, including:

– Misha’s Background and what brought her to where she is today

– Her proactive approach to preventing infections before they happen

– The challenges of Candida auris for infection preventionists and healthcare professionals

– The need for medicine that can decolonize Candida auris

– The technology they use to test for Candida and the recommendations for testing

– Methods of terminal cleaning for optimal infection prevention

– The use of UV-C sanitization

– The effects of Covid-19 on HAIs

– The shortages of PPE and Infection Preventionists

– Her advice to those who are interested in pursuing a career in infection prevention

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