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CleanTalk EP57

EP 57 Clip 1: Why Leapfrog Hospital Ratings Matter w/ Paul Alper

Aileen Nov 06

On this week’s very special episode of Clean Talk Podcast, Part One of: Leaps Towards Improving Patient Care with Leapfrog, Paul Alper, CEO of Next Level Strategies and Senior Advisor to The Leapfrog Group, joins us in light of the recent release of the Leapfrog Patient Safety Ratings!

  • Paul’s Background and what brought him to where he is today
  • About next-level strategies and what they do for healthcare and patient safety
  • Evidence-based technologies to solve problems and drive adoption
  • About the Leapfrog Group and what inspires their mission
  • About Leapfrog’s evidence-based Safety Grades for healthcare organizations
  • Why Leapfrog Grade data and ratings make a difference
  • Why healthcare organizations volunteer to be a part of Leapfrog grading
  • What healthcare organizations do to improve their Safety Grade
  • Leapfrog’s role in encouraging positive infection control and psychological safety
  • How often Leapfrog conducts their surveys and releases hospital grades
  • Exciting Leapfrog programs and what’s to come in the near future

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