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CleanTalk EP57

EP 57 Clip 2: Leapfrog ‘F’ Rating Solutions w/ Paul Alper

Aileen Nov 16

On this week’s episode of Clean Talk Podcast, Part Two of: Leaps Towards Improving Patient Care with Leapfrog, Paul Alper, CEO of Next Level Strategies and Senior Advisor to The Leapfrog Group, joins us to further discuss technologies disrupting the future standards of healthcare and Leapfrog’s mission.

Tune in to the full conversation to learn more about topics, including:

  • Innovators and disruptive technologies that may become the future standard of care
  • About SureWash technologies for healthcare workers’ hand hygiene techniques
  • About SplashBlocker’s study and solution for preventing the spread of harmful toilet plume in healthcare
  • The dangers of toilet plume in public areas
  • The importance of standards for expected behaviors to mitigate HAIs and improve hand hygiene
  • Securing the right standard in environments of care
  • The Leapfrog workgroup on improving healthcare environments and patient safety
  • What is to come in the future
  • And More!

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