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CleanTalk EP58

EP 58 Clip 1: Steri-Write Touchless Pen Sanitizer w/ Brian Wind

Aileen Feb 07

In the first episode of 2024, Brian Wind, Ophthalmologist, CEO and Innovator of Steri-write, joins Clean Talk Podcast to discuss Steri-write technology for sanitizing high-touch writing supplies in healthcare settings to prevent cross-contamination in an eco-friendly way.

Tune in to hear more about a range of topics including:

– Brian’s background and what brought him to where he is today

– About Steri-write and the technology

– The mission of Steri-write and the need it solves

– Studies and alarming statistics that show how dirty pens are in communal areas

– UV-C’s success rate at deactivating harmful pathogens

– The challenges of bringing a product to market

– The high points of creating an infection prevention solution

– The use of germicidal UV-C in the Steri-write technology

– And more!

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