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BAPIC EP3 CleanTalk

BAPIC EP 3 Clip 1: John’s Professional Background w/ John Guastella #cleantalk

Aileen Apr 24

On this week’s Episode of Clean Talk Podcast Live from the 2023 BAPIC tradeshow in Tampa, Florida, John Guastella, National Sales Director at Surfacide UVC, joins us to discuss best practices for optimal UV-C disinfection. Tune in to gain insight on a range of topics, including:

– John’s Background

– His mission at Surfacide for implementing UV disinfection

– The history of UV-C and how it works

– The increased attention on UV-C due to Covid-19

– The misinformation and limitation of various UV-C systems

– What is direct line of sight and why it is essential in healthcare

– Surfacide’s systems and how they effectively deliver UV-C disinfection through a 6 log reduction

– Surfacide’s research to improve their devices

– How UV-C is a complimentary technology as a non-human element

– How Surfacide is backed by research

– Their processes to determine optimal sanitation results based on dosage

– The VA’s new standard use of dosimeters

– The path track program within O.R.s

– Surfacide’s mission to be the UV-C disinfection consultant

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