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BAPIC EP4 CleanTalk

BAPIC EP 4 Clip 2: Advice to New Infection Preventionists w/ Ariel Alonso

Aileen May 03

On this week’s Episode of Clean Talk Podcast Live from the 2023 BAPIC tradeshow in Tampa, Florida, Ariel Alonso, Infection Preventionist at Bayshore Pointe Nursing and Rehab, joins us to discuss the resources, current practices & challenges, and future of Infection Prevention.

Tune in to learn more about topics, including:

  • Ariel’s background and what brought him to where he is today
  • Advice for professionals interested in entering the Infection Prevention field
  • Benefits of resources like APIC
  • The various backgrounds that can benefit Infection Prevention overall
  • The challenges of a decrease in urgency that vaccinations are important
  • The challenges of IP in nursing homes during the pandemic
  • Managing essential resources for infection prevention
  • Importance of protecting patients and staff from other non-Covid related infections
  • Candida auris and enhanced barrier precautions
  • The challenges and best practices of infection prevention for long-term care facilities
  • Improving infection control with collaborations
  • Increase of IPs presence in nursing homes now and in the future

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