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CleanTalk EP12

EP 12 Clip 1: What Is The Salvus Detection Technology? w/ Clinton Beeland

Aileen Dec 13

Avoiding another potential pandemic starts with preparation and early detection of diseases before they have the chance to spread. There are now detection technologies on the horizon that can do just that! Tune into the next LIVE episode of Clean Talk Podcast to learn more.

In S1 EP12 of Clean Talk podcast, Clinton Beeland, founder of CJB Companies and Salvus, will be joining us to reveal his latest portable detection software that can rapidly and accurately detect chemical, biological, and viral contaminants. Don’t miss out!

Gain insight into:

• How issues with crops inspired the development of these detection technologies

• How CJB Companies and Salvus are now benefiting healthcare and all other industries

• Why there is a current need for these devices to keep us safe due to the increased opportunity for the spread of diseases

• What is Salvus technology, and what makes it unique

• Why Salvus means safe

Clinton founded CJB Companies in 1997 and added the most recent addition, Salvus LLC – an advanced detection technology company, in 2018. He has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech and over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry. Clinton has consistently grown the CJB companies through expansions and acquisitions, building it into one of the most respected chemical services companies in its market space.

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