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CleanTalk EP13

EP 13 Clip 3: How Virtual School and Work Impacted Demand w/ Edward Deckard

Aileen Dec 17

COVID-19 has brought on many obstacles, but it also presented opportunities to improve how organizations operate. Don’t miss this week’s episode of Clean Talk podcast to learn more about transforming pain points into opportunities.

In the next LIVE episode of Clean Talk podcast, guest Edward Deckard, Senior National Account Manager at Belkin, will be joining us to reveal how Belkin identified the hinderances in healthcare technology and provided solutions. Gain insight into topics including:

• The pain points that drove the development of Belkin’s solutions

• How they have been navigating the ongoing supply chain issues

• Belkin’s shift in focus from education to healthcare amid Covid

• Belkin’s plan for healthcare in the future

• And more!

Edward Deckard joined the team at Belkin in 2011 and soon began addressing the Education community in problem-solving around the use of iPads in Education. Belkin has since developed products that have made a real difference for students and teachers alike.

Most recently, Edward noticed the Healthcare industry is using many of these same products. Edward leads a group within Belkin whose mission is to identify pain-points in Healthcare that revolve around the use of technology. Belkin’s motto has been that we design “People Inspired Products”, this is Edward’s driving objective in Healthcare.

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