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CleanTalk EP16

EP 16 Clip 1: Maryalice StClair’s Professional Background w/ Maryalice StClair

Aileen Feb 05

There is a growing number of emerging infection control science and technologies designed to prevent the spread of infection. However, not all infection prevention solutions are as effective as they claim to be.

On this week’s live episode of Clean Talk podcast, guest Maryalice StClair, Chief Commercial Officer at Halosil International, joins to discuss a revolutionary approach to whole room and vehicle disinfection using the Halosil fog formula.

Tune in to learn more about topics including:

• Difference between spraying and EPA-registered dry fogging

• What is EPA registration and why is it important

• Why regulation is important specifically in the infection control space

• What industries are currently utilizing fog disinfection systems

• And more!

Maryalice StClair is a principal partner and Chief Commercial Officer of Halosil International, Inc. Headquartered in New Castle, Delaware, USA. Halosil International is a manufacturer and distributor of hydrogen peroxide-based biocides, disinfectants and disinfection fogging equipment. Since 2013, Maryalice has built awareness of the need for and benefits of whole room surface disinfection. She has worked with healthcare facilities to develop protocols for effective surface disinfection and has educated staff members in best practices to solve real life infection control problems across a variety of healthcare settings including clinical, care, and pharmaceutical facilities.

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