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CleanTalk EP17

EP 17 Clip 2: Mako Surgical Robot at Artesia General Hospital w/ Randall Rentschler

Aileen Feb 15

Science and technology within the healthcare space is constantly improving to benefit both the procedure process and patient outcomes.

In this week’s episode of Clean Talk, Randall Rentschler, Perioperative Service Director at Artesia General Hospital, joins us to discuss the Mako surgical robot their facility utilizes to perform a range of orthopedic surgeries.

Tune in to learn more about a range of topics including:

• Background and expertise of Artesia General Hospital

• How being a “mom and pop” facility supports Artesia General Hospital’s advocacy for exceptional patient care

• Mako Surgical Robot by Striker – what it is and how it works

• The robot’s role in surgery / surgical incisions

• Infection control protocols implemented and those implemented in response to Covid-19

• How the protocols minimized the number of surgeons and staff at the facility from contracting Covid-19

• And more!

Randall is currently the Director of Surgical Services for Artesia General Hospital in Artesia, New Mexico, a 49 bed not for profit hospital with 4 surgical and 2 endoscopy suites. Artesia supports the Permian Basin oil industry and is a small rural town of 13,000. The catchment area includes Roswell, New Mexico (home of the 1942 alien crash site) and Carlsbad, New Mexico (the home of Carlsbad Caverns National Park).

The facility provides Artesia and the surrounding communities surgical support for both elective and nonelective procedures. Their service area includes many rural towns throughout the New Mexico Southeast providing care to approximately 125,000 citizens. Artesia General Hospital is the facility of choice for Southeastern New Mexico. Artesia General Hospital has the distinction of being New Mexico’s most senior Stryker Mako Robotic orthopedic team.

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