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CleanTalk EP18

EP 18 Clip 1: City Health Tech’s Background w/ Ibraheem Alinur

Aileen Feb 22

Practicing good hand hygiene is an essential part of infection control. However, studies have found that there are millions of school days missed a year due to illnesses that could be prevented.

In this week’s episode of Clean Talk Podcast, Ibraheem Alinur, CEO of City Health Tech, will be joining us live to reveal City Health Tech’s innovative solution for improving hand hygiene and the health of our communities. Tune in to hear about a range of topics including:

• Background and mission of City Health Tech

• The studies and data that led to the creation of OPAL

• City Health Tech’s focus on hand hygiene, hand hygiene research, and improving hand hygiene across a range of industries

• What the OPAL device is and how does it works

• The difficulty of starting a company during the pandemic

• The dynamics of fundraising

• Meeting with Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban

• The future of OPAL

Ibraheem Alinur is a Venture Fellow at DeepWork and Venture Partner at WeFunder. He is also the founder and CEO of City Health Tech, a smart city startup with a focus on data-driven population hygiene and disease prevention. His previous experiences include research in nanotechnology, development of the strategy for a $300M organization focusing on digital manufacturing and city solutions and serving as a project consultant for the Chicago Principals and Admin Association.

He currently serves on the Board of Advisors for Northwestern’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Ibraheem graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University in 2020. He is a Gates Scholar, a member of the Obama Foundation CLC, and was named 25 under 25 by both Culture Media and Chicago Inno.

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