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CleanTalk EP19

EP 19 Clip 2: Vestex’s FDA 510K Classification w/ Ben Favret

Aileen Feb 28

Protecting healthcare professionals, patients, and their families has become top of mind as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the infection control sector, there are now innovative solutions that are designed for comfort and protection in the unpredictable work of patient care.

In this week’s episode of Clean Talk podcast, our guest Ben Favret, Founder and President of VESTEX Protects, unveils the inspiration and framework behind VESTEX’s active barrier protective apparel for the healthcare space. Don’t miss out on exploring a range of topics including:

• The background and origins of VESTEX

• VESTEX’s innovative technology

• The range of VESTEX’s products

• FDA 510k strategy and processes

Ben, VESTEX founder and president of VESTEX Protects, brings more than three decades of innovation and expertise to the industry and has extensive experience in sales and marketing management, product launches and start-up business leadership.

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