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CleanTalk EP20

EP 20 Clip 2: Infection Control Protocols in the U.S. vs Canada w/ Phil Jalbert

Aileen Mar 11

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to create stress for many Canadians as citizens and healthcare workers prepare to adapt to a shift in “living with the virus.”

In this week’s episode of Clean Talk Podcast, Phil Jalbert, International Sales Manager at Seal Shield, will join to discuss what he has experienced living in Canada throughout the pandemic.

Tune into to gain insight on topics including:

• The Canadian Way / Attitude

• Canada’s Initial Covid response

• Canada vs USA – in general & through Covid

• Current Covid climate and Government actions in Canada

• Exodus

Phil Jalbert is a Sales and IT Channel expert with over 15 years of experience selling various products and services to customers Internationally. Phil is a born and raised Canadian spending most of his time living between Toronto & Vancouver, while also living in Europe during his formative years. His unique experience in sales over the last 15 years brought him to Seal Shield with a deep understanding of the market and its need for infection control focused products.

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