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CleanTalk EP24

EP 24 Clip 1: About Michael Ruby W/ Michael Ruby

Aileen May 24

The EPA has validated ONE solution for continuous disinfection. To discover what it is, keep on watching! This week we have special guest Michael Ruby, the CEO of Microban International, and he joins us to reveal the technologies that drive the success of Microban’s infection control solutions for healthcare and all other industries.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear about a range of fascinating topics including:

– Michael’s background and what led him to his current role

– Microban’s purpose to redefine clean

– Product damage caused by frequent cleaning in healthcare

– Microban’s portfolio of technologies

– The science behind odor reducing textiles and antimicrobial product protection

– The portfolio of products that utilize Microban technology

– The secret to sustaining and growing a successful business

– The confusion around surface contamination as a result of Covid fatigue

– What’s to come for professionals returning to work during the “new normal”

Michael Ruby is the CEO of Microban International, which is home to the most trusted and well-known global brands in the antimicrobial, odor control, and sanitization / disinfection markets. Microban® and Ultra-Fresh® have experienced over 100 years of growth and have revolutionized the industry.

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