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CleanTalk EP25

EP 25 Clip 2: What Inspired The Beyond Clean Podcast? W/ Justin Poulin

Aileen Jun 06

The key to improving healthcare systems and infection control is to spread awareness and knowledge.

In this week’s episode of Clean Talk Podcast Justin Poulin, CEO of First Case Media, joins us to explain how he built a platform that contributes to education around infection control and helping healthcare partners build their brand.

Don’t miss out on gaining insight into a range of topics including:

• Justin’s background and his current role as a CEO .

• How his background as a nurse plays into his current business and podcast platforms.

• How Beyond Clean Podcast started and where it is today.

• What are his other podcasts and what do they contribute to healthcare and infection control.

• His mission to educate and assist partners in building their brands.

• How he aided in hosting events virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

• What are his goals and what is to come in the future.

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