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CleanTalk EP26

EP 26 Clip 3: Sterile Processing Between Patient Device Use W/ Royce Brunson

Aileen Jun 13

Healthcare is constantly evolving and improving. With the advent of telehealth, providers are able to treat and monitor patient’s vitals from the comfort of their own home.

This week on Clean Talk podcast, Royce Brunson, Chief Revenue Officer at Health Recovery Solutions, joins us to reveal advancements in remote patient monitoring and the improvements in patient care it provides.

Don’t miss out on hearing about a range of topics including:

• His background and how he got to his current role

• His niche for growing companies

• The importance of remote patient monitoring for transitioning acute care

• The substantial growth in virtual patient monitoring

• How their techneers have built solutions that improve healthcare experiences

• What offerings does Health Recovery Solutions provide

• What information is being relayed to healthcare providers & how does it work

• The future of Healthcare Recovery Solutions and remote patient monitoring

Royce is the Chief Revenue Officer of Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), the 3x KLAS leader in Remote Patient Monitoring and Connected Care. As CRO, Royce leads the company’s go-to-market strategy and operations, with responsibility over sales, marketing, client success, revenue operations, business development, and partnerships. In 2.5 years, he has helped bring the business from $5M to over $40M of Revenue while scaling operations and technology.

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