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CleanTalk EP31

EP 31 Clip 2: About Paul Landazuri w/ Bradley & Paul

Aileen Jul 19

What happens when two infection control thought leaders join forces? Tune into this episode of Clean Talk to find out!

Learn more about what is to come in Health IT technologies with special guests Bradley Carlson, Global Project Manager at TouchPoint Medical, and Paul Landazuri, President at PRI. Gain knowledge on a range of topics including:

• Bradley & Paul’s background and what brought them to their current roles

• The interesting story of how the two met

• Touchpoint Medical’s solutions and point of care segments

• The benefits of their powered carts and new Pro Care Carts

• How Touchpoint Medical’s products utilize Microban’s antimicrobial properties

• The various antimicrobial additives they use including power coating and injectables

• Bradley and Paul’s partnership that led to the creation of the first fully sealed, antimicrobial, and disinfectant ready bar code scanner

• All the features that make this scanner unique

• The importance of products that offer a smart design that support clean-ability

• How their companies give back to the community Paul Landazuri is the President of Peripheral Resources, National Distributor & Systems Integrator of Auto ID, POS and OEM equipment to various vertical markets.

Brad Carlson is the Global Project Manager for TouchPoint Medical with 35+ years of entrepreneurial experience focused on product design, product management, web-based product configuration, marketing and sales.

TouchPoint Medical: https://touchpointmed.com/

Peripheral Resources Inc.: https://peripheralresources.com/

Blog article written with Denso: https://touchpointmed.com/blog/post/g…

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