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CleanTalk EP46

EP 46 Clip 2: Why Would Someone Seek a Midwife? w/ Victoria Engelhardt

Aileen Dec 28

In this week’s episode of Clean Talk, Victoria Engelhardt, CEO & Co-founder of Keleya, the maternity care platform, joins us to share how the innovative Keleya app is changing how women experience their parenthood journey.

Tune in to hear about a range of topics including:

• Victoria’s background and what brought her to where she is today

• About Keleya and their mission

• How the Keleya app works

• About the scarcity of midwives in Germany

• The growth of Keleya during the Covid-19 Pandemic

• About German Healthcare coverage

• Keleya’s personalized resources for expecting mothers

• Keleya’s birth-prep and post-birth courses and why they’re important

• Experience working with Pelvic Floor Centers

• What to expect in the future for Keleya

After working in Tech startups in Berlin for a number of years and some time in management consulting at BCG, Victoria wanted to spend her time on something that really matters to her and to the world. When a dear friend of Victoria’s became pregnant, she realized for the first time, how hard it was, to find a midwife and the right support throughout this exciting time.

This led Victoria to found Keleya (https://keleya.de/) – Your Pregnancy & Parenthood Companion.

Keleya is the best-in-class pregnancy app that provides support, workouts and medical advice, and is reimbursed by major German health insurances, such as SBK, BIG direkt gesund, DAK etc. We have been awarded “Editor’s choice” by Apple and been downloaded about 200K times.

As an addition to their eco-system, in cooperation with the German Midwife Association, they have launched a marketplace that connects parents with midwives on their platform ammely.de.

Keleya is changing how women experience their parenthood journey.

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