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CleanTalk EP47

EP 47 Clip 1: About Seal Shield and Their Mission w/ Bradford Smith

Aileen Feb 02

In this week’s episode of Clean Talk, Bradford Smith, Regional Sales Director at Seal Shield, joins us to share how the innovative technology at Seal Shield is used to improve infection control and quality of care.

Tune in to hear about a range of topics including:

• Bradford’s background and what brought him to where he is today

• About Seal Shield and their mission

• Seal Shield’s Innovative Advanced Technologies

• Empowering facilities with resources, tools, and education around infection prevention

• and more!

Bradford Smith is a proven, high-energy, sales professional skilled in healthcare technologies, channel management, territory management, leadership, and customer relations. Currently managing tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 accounts in multiple verticals (healthcare, hospitality, industrial goods, manufacturing) throughout the United States.

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