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CleanTalk EP50

EP 50 Clip 1: About Osama Chamsi Pasha w/ Osama Chamsi Pasha

Aileen May 18

In this week’s episode of Clean Talk Podcast, Osama Chamsi Pasha Founder & COO of Doctory, joins us to discuss the advancements Doctory has made in the telehealth and technology space. Tune into part one of the episode to learn more about a range of topics including:

– Osama’s background and what brought him to where he is today

– The need for Doctory Health’s telemedicine during Covid-19

– The partnership with 19 Labs to help them launch in light of Covid

– What differentiates Doctory from other telehealth platforms in the Middle East & UAE

– How the technology works and the special features

– How electronic medical records are stored unified in the UAE

– The benefits of storing medical records via a patients’ ID chip

– Doctory’s hardware solution kit and its capabilities

– How Doctory is a true “clinic at your home” – Where the technology is available

– Osama’s humanitarian efforts to help the people of surrounding nations

– The differences in healthcare in the UAE and Middle East compared to the United States

– The UAE’s five-star healthcare service

– And more!

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