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CleanTalk EP51

EP 51 Clip 1: Theis Jensen’s Mission w/ Theis Jensen

Aileen May 30

On part one of this week’s episode of Clean Talk Podcast, Theis Jensen, CEO of Sani Nudge, joins us to discuss what Sani Nudge is doing to improve hand hygiene and positive reinforcement for Infection Preventionists across the globe. Tune in to learn more about topics including:

– Theis’ background and what brought him to where he is today

– Sani Nudge’s Focus on improving patient outcomes for the safety of staff and patients

– How to change the thought process of healthcare workers regarding hand hygiene

– Connecting technologies to attack the bigger picture and improve IP processes

– About the Sani Nudge technology itself and how it works

– How the sensor works to know when healthcare workers are in a situation that hand hygiene is necessary

– Positive reinforcement approach to encourage habit changing

– The underestimated issues and challenges infection preventionists solve

– Where their solutions are most prominently used currently

– Plans to scale in the U.S.

– The future of Sani Nudge

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