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CleanTalk EP56

EP 56 Clip 1 | How Contaminated Airport Security Bins Inspired the Steribin

Aileen Sep 29

In this week’s episode of Clean Talk Podcast Part one of “Addressing the Dirty Truth of the Food and Transportation Industry with UV Solutions,” Jon Cole CEO of UV360 joins us to discuss the evolution of UV360 to eliminate contamination in various communal industries and beyond.

Tune into the full conversation to discover topics, including:

– Jon’s background and what brought him to where he is today

– How contaminated airport security bins inspired the Steribin

– The cross-contamination risk across communal environments

– About the UV360 products and how they work

– Collaboration with TSA and airports to produce studies and proven results

– Regulatory challenges of working with TSA and the government

– UV360’s expansion into the food industry and healthcare

– The dirty truth about the food industry and how UV light helps cut bacteria down

– And more!

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