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CleanTalk EP32

EP 32 Clip 3: Predictions for Emerging Technologies w/ Dr. Norman Horn

Aileen Jul 26

The landscape of UV Technology in healthcare is always evolving.

Join us this week to learn more about what Dr. Norman Horn, Director of Research at Seal Shield™, has to say about UV Technology. Dr. Norman Horn has won multiple awards for his research and publications, and is published in peer-reviewed journals in three different fields!

Gain knowledge on a range of topics including:

– What happened to UV tech commercially due to COVID.

– The rising influence of IUVA and participation from the industry.

– The importance of the NIST journal, and why it’s now a book.

– Upcoming “horizons” for the UV industry for public health.

– New polymer additives to resist UV degradation.

– Regulatory issues and standards that have to be addressed.

– and more!

NIST Journal: https://www.nist.gov/nist-research-li…

Book: https://iuva.org/Sys/Store/Products/2…

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