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CleanTalk EP43

EP 43 Clip 3: What to Expect from PreventionID in the Future w/ Heather Hutson

Aileen Nov 22

In this week’s episode of Clean Talk, Heather Hutson, RN, Board-Certified Infection Preventionist, Healthcare Consultant, & CEO of PreventionID, joins us to share her expertise and knowledge around infection control.

Tune in to hear about a range of topics including:

• Heather’s background and what brought her to where she is today

• About PreventionID and their mission

• The holes in infection prevention in long-term care facilities

• Empowering facilities with resources, tools, and education around infection prevention for new IPs

• How every department’s role across long-term care facilities is important for improving patient outcomes

• Prevention ID’s comprehensive programs for improving infection prevention practices

• What is the PIP plan and why it is effective

• How she was able to decrease the spread of pathogens by 75%

• How Covid launched her from a few facilities to nationwide

• What to expect in the future for PreventionID and infection prevention in long-term care

Motivated by her dedication to improving the well-being of the geriatric population, Heather’s passion for the long-term care industry has driven her professional successes. Heather is the founder and CEO of PreventionID but began her nursing career as an LPN charge nurse at a long-term care facility in central Arkansas. Eventually promoted to Director of Nursing, she also oversaw the infection prevention and control program, reducing the use of unnecessarily prescribed antibiotics and lowering the facility’s infection rate by an astounding 75%.

In addition to maintaining a 4–5-star rating, under her direction the facility won many awards, including “Most Improved Quality Measure” and “Facility Of The Year.” After 7 successful years as DON, Heather took a position as the Chief Infection Prevention Officer of a national infection prevention company where she successfully assisted long-term care facilities across the nation with the implementation of effective infection prevention and control programs.

A member of NADONA, the Arkansas Nursing Home Nurses Association, and nominee for Arkansas DON of the year in 2019, Heather is a Board-Certified Infection Preventionist as well as a Dementia Well-being Specialist and CPR and First-Aid instructor.

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