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CleanTalk EP52

EP 52 Clip 2: Synergies That Made The Deal Make Sense w/ Andrew McCarthy

Aileen Jun 28

On this special episode of Clean Talk Podcast, Andrew McCarthy, President of Seal Shield, joins us to unveil some exciting news and details about Seal Shield’s latest acquisition. Tune in to explore a range of topics, including:

– Big announcement: Seal Shield acquired CleanSlate UV

– How the strategic move came about

– The common mission of Seal Shield and CleanSlate UV

– Deal process and details – Plans for the future of the CleanSlate acquisition

– Synergies that made the deal make sense

– Seal Shield’s products designed to improve hygiene in healthcare and other industries

– The different use cases for Seal Shield’s UV technology and CleanSlate’s

– Seal Shield’s plans to further advance the infection control space

– The past and current use cases of UV technology

– How UV systems have been proven to improve hand hygiene

– Why hospitals should implement UV-C sanitization systems

– And more!

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