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CleanTalk EP53

EP 53 Clip 1: Results From Using CleanSlate w/ Kevin Truong

Aileen Jul 19

In this week’s episode of Clean Talk podcast, Seal Shield’s Christian Davis and CleanSlate UV’s Kevin Truong, join host Bradley Whitchurch, CEO of Seal Shield, to discuss all things UV in light of Seal Shield’s acquisition of CleanSlate UV.

Tune in to gain insight on which UV solution is best in various applications and a range of topics including:

– Why Seal Shield entered the UV space with the ElectroClave

– Problems and solutions brought on by mobile devices in healthcare

– The increase of UV solutions on the market as a result of Covid

– About CleanSlate, the latest UV solution to join Seal Shield’s portfolio of products

– The NICU process of maintaining and tracking disinfection protocols of mobile devices

– The differences of the ElectroClave and CleanSlate UV technologies that offer a comprehensive sanitization solution

– The best use cases for both solutions and where they excel

– How these UV solutions improve overall hand hygiene in healthcare and beyond

– And more!

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