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CleanTalk EP55

EP 55 | Part 1 | Innovative Technologies that Neutralize Harmful Microorganisms w/ Trent Kelly

Aileen Aug 25

In this week’s episode of Clean Talk Podcast, part one of “Innovative Technologies that Neutralize Harmful Microorganisms,” Trent Kelly, COO and Co-founder of BTG products, joins us to discuss the power behind natural antimicrobials, BTG products, and more! Join the conversation to explore topics, including:

– Trent’s background and what brought him to where he is today

– The inspiration behind BTG products

– His work with the Department of Defense on biological weapons of mass destruction

– Military funding leading to commercial applications in healthcare and other industries

– About BTG antimicrobial products

– The power behind natural antimicrobials like copper and silver

– The benefits of BTG solutions for high-touch surfaces in healthcare

– The active ingredients and unique combinations that make up their products

– Studies and data that support the efficacy of copper and BTG products in healthcare

– And more!

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