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CleanTalk EP54

EP 54 | Part 2 | Powerful UV Solutions for a Safer, Healthier World w/ Jim Colantoni

Aileen Aug 09

In part two of this week’s episode of Clean Talk Podcast, Jim Colantoni, Chief Strategy Officer and VP of Sales at PURO Lighting, joins us to discuss the technology behind PURO Lighting’s solutions, various forms of UV, and more. Gain insight on all things UV including:

– The past standards for HEPA filtration and positive pressure in healthcare

– Data and studies accepted by the healthcare community for using UV to mitigate the spread of infections

– Partnerships that have supported their mission and products

– IUVA and NIST’s peer reviewed study for supporting UV

– The future trends of UV technologies and healthcare disinfection solutions

– The transition from florescent to LED bulbs for sanitization

– Consistent testing of what users can’t see to support efficacy results

– The shift of focus from Covid to other HAIs and future pandemics

– Healthcare’s awareness of emerging superbugs

– The spike and decline of UV devices

– What to expect in the future

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