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CleanTalk EP53

EP 53 Clip 2: How UV Products Reduce Costs w/ Christian Davis

Aileen Jul 19

In part two of this week’s episode of Clean Talk podcast, Seal Shield’s Christian Davis and CleanSlate UV’s Kevin Truong, join host Bradley Whitchurch, CEO of Seal Shield, to discuss all things UV and improving hand hygiene.

Tune in to gain insight on a range of topics including:

– How device sanitization changes workflow behavior and improves hand hygiene

– Studies that prove devices negate hand hygiene

– ROI of investing in UV technology to sanitize devices

– Wipes vs UV sanitization savings

– The hurdles of managing mobile fleets across organizations

– The ElectroClave’s RFID tracking and device charging capabilities

– Benefits of reimaging devices – Benefits for IT, Staff, and patients

– CleanSlate’s rapid sanitization

– Geographic benefits of CleanSlate in Canada

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