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CleanTalk EP54

EP 54 | Part 1 | Powerful UV Solutions for a Safer, Healthier World w/ Jim Colantoni

Aileen Aug 09

In part one of this week’s episode of Clean Talk Podcast, Jim Colantoni, Chief Strategy Officer and VP of Sales at PURO Lighting, joins us to discuss the technology behind PURO Lighting’s solutions, various forms of UV, and more. Tune in to the full conversation to hear more about a range of topics, including:

– Jim’s background and what brought him to where he is today

– How a desire to sanitize daycares inspired their technology

– The history of UV and how it has come full circle

– About the PURO Lighting solutions and the different use cases

– What is far UV-C and how it is different from other UV-C technologies

– Testing and research around how safe far UV-C is to be used with individuals present

– The logistics of installing their full room disinfection systems

– Their range of solutions for air disinfection as a result of Covid-19, the obstacles, and benefits

– The effective amount of energy needed to purify air flow

– PCO oxidation for disinfection in healthcare and other industries

– PURO Lighting’s recent acquisition and the process of integrating the companies

– And more!

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